Idaho Builder Builds a New National Ranking

Idaho Builder Builds a New National Ranking

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CBH Homes, an Idaho builder, sky rocketed 16 spots this week to number 37 on the top 100 Builders in the Nation as reported by Builder Magazine.  Ranked 53 last year, CBH moved up more spaces than any other Northwest or Mountain West based builders. CBH stands out among the top being one of only a few who build in one single state.

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“People ask, why is this number important? We’ll tell you that we’re proud to be a nationally recognized home builder focused solely in Idaho. CBH is competing with a list of national builders, building in multiple states and areas, and we’re gaining momentum on them. In essence, we’re doing more with less which allows us to keep our costs low. This helps Idahoans keep money in their pockets, spend less time worrying about a mortgage and more time living their best life,”

said Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes.

Affordability is a big topic at the 2019 Housing Leadership Summit and it’s evident builders across the nation are battling to keep prices low. This is just the beginning for CBH Homes. With their recent move to only spec homes, their numbers have only increased. CBH hit a record number of starts and closings in April 2019 and it’s apparent that this is what the Treasure Valley needed.

“Inventory and affordability, it’s always a hot topic and we’re fighting to provide both to the Boise area. Our move to spec homes was a solution to the problem and at CBH, our main focus is to provide professionally designed, move-in ready homes and at price buyers can afford.” – Corey Barton, President/Owner of CBH Homes.

As a nationally recognized homebuilder focused solely in Idaho<, CBH is able to offer more features, more choices and more homes in more communities than any other builder. With 400+ move-in ready homes, 59+ communities, there’s no more waiting and more time dreaming.

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