CBH loses their BBB accreditation

CBH loses their BBB accreditation

Your Idaho Home Cbh Loses Bbb Accredidation

Update: CBH let me know they were able to re-instate their accreditation. I love that not only were they able to do this, but they are following up on the bad press. WAY TO GO CBH! That’s the kind of business we need in Idaho.

The Better Business Bureau revoked Corey Barton Homes’ status after the company failed to respond to a homeowner’s complaints about her home.

The homeowner purchased a home here in Idaho about a year ago and has apparently had a litany of problems.  Erin Dominguez, says her issues with CBH have been going on for months and feels CBH doesn’t care about her or her home.

However, CBH says that’s not the case and they’re working to resolve the concerns.  Dominguez told local news stations that her CBH home started having problems before she closed on the house.

“The doors were not square, the cabinets had a film over them, there were squares where they had not properly installed the drywalls. The carpet was getting worn down pretty quickly.”

Dominguez adds that CBH told her to contact the warranty team and they would take care of it, but that was far from a solution.

“When they attempted to fix some of the issues they actually ended up making my house worse by getting paint on the carpet, paint on the ceilings, paint all over my couch,” Dominguez said.

Now, a year later, she says those issues still haven’t been resolved by CBH. So, she turned to the BBB for help and they started their own investigation and made a ruling.  The BBB says that violated one of the standards of trust businesses are required to meet as part of the accreditation process so the bureau’s board of directors voted to revoke CBH’s accreditation status.

“We’ve had this one complaint that went unanswered. We reached out to them ten times over the course of 45 days and that’s when it became a red flag and we had to look into it a little bit further,” said Rebecca Barr, the BBB marketplace manager.

CBH for their part, has started responding to this issue now.  “We care about our homeowners. We take this complaint very seriously, we acknowledge that we dropped the ball” said Corey Barton, the CEO of CBH. “We’re taking steps to improve this process as a team, improve, do a better job and do our very best to get our accreditation back with the BBB.”  They’ve even gone so far as to post their own response on their site addressing the complaints and the accreditation status.

Over the last three years, BBB says they’ve had 13 complaints against CBH, many of them dealing with similar warranty issues. But, the BBB added that in the last 23 years CBH has been accredited with them, past issues have always been addressed, leaving the company in good standing until now.

CBH admits they didn’t respond as they should have to Dominguez’s complaints but they’re learning from this situation and the company is working to improve some of their policies.

“Very honest, we dropped the ball,” Barton said. “The frustration – we’re compassionate and understand. Of course, it’s frustrating, we don’t want that to happen to her. We’re going to work harder, make some policy changes and make sure that we correct this so it doesn’t happen again.”

Dominguez said CBH contacted her Friday afternoon and said the company would go to her home next week and fix her home concerns.   CBH is the largest of the new home building companies in the treasure valley and do have the people’s trust so here’s to hoping they get this, and other legitimate complaints that arise resolved.