Wine in Boise

(other cities too!)

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Indian Creek Winery


Indian Creek Winery is a entertainment and enjoyment location.  Not only do they have an excellent variety of wines, but a garden-esque / park like facility to enjoy them. They…

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Sol Invictus Vineyard


Sol Invictus Vineyard is an easy drive to the north side of Star, Idaho. Sol Invictus Vineyard is focused on the experience. Your family can all enjoy the views from…

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Ste Chapelle


Ste Chapelle offers more than just wine. Stunning views, beautiful vineyard and a truly exceptional tasting room. Inspired by the famed Ste. Chapelle medieval Gothic chapel in France, our picturesque…

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The Village at Meridian


The Village at Meridian is an outdoor shopping complex.  There are a variety of stores, restaurants, fast food, and activities. The focal point is a large water fountain that plays…