A City in Idaho

Middleton Idaho is a growing city in the Northwest of the treasure valley.  It is to the West of Star and Eagle and North of Caldwell.  It was named for its location between the old fort Boise and Keeney’s Ferry; it being the midpoint between the two. It served as a rest stop for those heading for Keeney’s Ferry. It had a stage station in the early days of the Oregon Trail, a post office in 1866 and a water powered grist mill in 1871. The Ward Massacre occurred near the site in 1854.

Middleton is the oldest settlement in Canyon County, with the land being parceled out in 1863 by William N. Montgomery. The town incorporated as a city in 1910, although the certificate was not issued until 1971.

Middleton is more rural and offers that small-hometown-feel.  While new subdivisions are continually being added, there are many older (not OLD!) communities with large lots and plenty of extra space.

Middleton at a Glance

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Year Incorporated:1910
Estimated Population:8566
2010 Census Population:5524
Distance to Boise:31 miles
Est Commute Time:36 minutes
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